Musica Collectiva

Last night we played another Musica Collectiva variety show organized by Lynn Marie Chicoine. It always surprises me how many talented musicians are sprouting in Vancouver bound for greatness. On the bill, we had Francesca Belcourt who is making her name well known around Vancouver Island. We had Adams Farnsworth who has the natural stage presence that stops that chatter in your mind to be all ears on his story telling and musicianship. Incredible. Chelsea Johnson who plays in a band with Adam called High Society, rocked the house with her foot stomping acoustic power; you on fiya girl. Music just kept going.

We invited Lynn, Joline, and Reneé to jam with us a couple nights before the show and they showed up with a new tune, “Beginning’s End” by Reneé that just blew us away. Their harmonies make me melt. I had to film it on my phone. The result, that raw sound. Check it.

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