Moonshine Express

Moonshine Express is a group of funky individuals who meet to fuse their diverse musical talents into a band that’ll make you blow your horn. From late-night warehouse parties to early-bird morning marathons and everything in between, they’ve become a mainstay in the Vancouver scene throwing parties that people talk about. Out of their home-built studio in an East Van garage, they record, produce and master a mash of soul, jazz, funk, and rock with a side of hiphop. These songs are the product of the group’s creativity, musical knowledge, and experiences.

Singing Stevie Wonder since his Mama could remember, and dropping in at every open mic he could find, songs began to form for singer, Pat Garcia. With a musically trained ear, the inventive guitarist, Tak Arikushi adds layers of compliments, resulting in exciting arrangements that engage the listeners at every Moonshine show. Drummer, Dan Hepler, a kid who grew up wanting to know everything about everything, is a big force behind Moonshine Express’ DIY attitude. He led the group to build their home studio in 2010 which domino’d into taking on other aspects of their development; from creating their own stop-motion music video, album art and website, to producing and mastering their own records. This includes their EP: thank drunk I’m not God (2011) and two singles: Moonshine Express Theme II (2013) and Big City (2013). Add in a bassist, Toga D’Hoore, from DC who has funk and soul infused in his blood; and saxophone player, Dave Goosen who whistles the sounds of Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley and Maceo Parker in his sleep, and you get a musical flavour more powerful than any moonshine you’ve ever tried. Moonshine Express is dedicated to refining their fresh musical product until it is aged to perfection.










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