Music City Podcast Mentions Moonshine Express

Music City StudioMusic City Podcast is a local podcast based in Kelowna, and focuses on featuring Canadian indie music.  They seemed to have stumbled upon us through the internet grapevine of twitter and decided to feature us on the latest episode of their podcast!  Thanks to Dan Oig (host) and Mike Pedersen (producer)!

Other featured artists from the episode are: The Sheepdogs, Bend Sinister,  Amber Hills, The Flu, Zaac Pick, Jordan Klassen and Kim McMechan.

These guys produce an episode every week so remember to follow them to regularly discover new Canadian music!

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

We had to chance to play for the people of Langley at the Canada Day festival at McLeod Athletic Park. We were blessed with a great stage, great weather and a lovely audience. Before us was Steve Elliot & the Blue Suede Boys, an Elvis impersonator. He had the audience engaged as he got down low with his Elvis moves, sang his popular love ballads and handed out teddy bears to the kids. I have to admit it was hard follow an act like him so we pulled out our big guns and had Liam suited up to hand out our business cards and EP. Liam was definitely the eye-candy of the performance. So much fun. A lovely country. Happy Canada Day folks.

much love,


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