Kozmik Zoo – Part Deux

Kozmik Zoo - April 14th 2012

Kozmik Zoo - April 14th 2012Everyone knows elephants are super smart.  Eli’s no different.  He knows the Kozmik Zoo is full of party animals like you.

Moonshine Express is playing with:

– David Morin & The Foundation

– Tpick & Brittany Ewert

– Cam Gunn & The Unsung

Be super smart.  Leave your ivory swag at home and get down to the Kozmik Zoo on April 14th!

Another Kozmik Zoo Promo Video!

Inspired by Pat’s promo vid from earlier this week (and a few stiff drinks), me, Dan and Tak decided to jump on the bandwagon and make our own promo video for the show coming up this Saturday. We may not have the sweet, Otis Redding-esque voice of Pat, but we sure as hell have sombreros! Enjoy the vid, and see you Saturday!

The Kozmik Zoo on Saturday, Feb. 25th


It is a beautiful Sunday morning, just chillin’ with the fam so we decided to put a promo vid for our upcoming show at the Kozmik Zoo, the former Hennessy Lounge on 53 W Broadway, Vancouver.

We’ve got guests David Morin and TPick coming out to do their thang. Also Brittany Ewert is joining us on stage to share her beautiful harmonies.

Check out baby Liam getting down.

For more info, go to our Facebook event page.

With love,


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