Moonshine Express Theme II Music Video

We’ve been hard at play as a Do-It-Yourself band, spending hundreds of hours dialing in our sound and learning the skills we need to be a part of the music biz. Here is our first music video for Moonshine Express that Nic Kirschner, Carla and I have put together since I have been off on pat-leave, no pun intended. Scraggly Dan’s girlfriend was not impressed with the outcome of his face, but we’d like you guys to be the judge.

Synopsis: “In an attempt to give Moonshine Express a new face, Scraggly Dan cuts off his infamous moustache. Unbeknownst to him, this pesky moustache has a life of its own, carrying on powered by the strength of moonshine. Can he ever be killed for good?”

Download song here, it’s only a buck!


Happy Birthday Papa Moonshine!

Look at all that shiny metal...
Look at all that shiny metal...

Inside the Moonshine Mobile

This St. Patrick’s Day, the Moonshine Express celebrated their own Paddy:

Happy birthday to Papa Moonshine (Pat Garcia)!

The house in Surrey was packed to the walls with people rejoicing over beers crafted by artisan brewmeister Scraggles and Pat. ¬†Ain’t no party like a Moonshine party!

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