Moonshine Express Theme II Music Video

We’ve been hard at play as a Do-It-Yourself band, spending hundreds of hours dialing in our sound and learning the skills we need to be a part of the music biz. Here is our first music video for Moonshine Express that Nic Kirschner, Carla and I have put together since I have been off on pat-leave, no pun intended. Scraggly Dan’s girlfriend was not impressed with the outcome of his face, but we’d like you guys to be the judge.

Synopsis: “In an attempt to give Moonshine Express a new face, Scraggly Dan cuts off his infamous moustache. Unbeknownst to him, this pesky moustache has a life of its own, carrying on powered by the strength of moonshine. Can he ever be killed for good?”

Download song here, it’s only a buck!